Welcome to the future

IVAX will integrate financial industry best practices of existing regulated and unregulated markets. Our well-tested technology, strict regulatory compliance, and automated surveillance with multiple patent-pending innovations will provide a transparent and low-cost marketplace. 

Your secure marketplace

It’s an exciting time. Digital asset markets are in their infancy, and we’re ready to make the most of this opportunity—and make it available to you.
We believe that IVAX will thrive with our next-generation, patent-pending matching engine enhancements. These improvements in market efficiency, along with our Clearinghouse model, provide a simpler, less expensive, more liquid marketplace—a market that looks familiar to retail investors, institutions, and traders, is easy for new Participants and their customers to understand and use, and remains engaging for all.

The IVAX difference

IVAX is being created by people with decades of experience in equities, options, and futures markets.  We plan to be among the lowest cost trading venues which means no fixed access costs, ultra-low transaction fees, no clearing/settlement fees, and asset transfer (in and out) done at cost. 

We also plan to deliver the customer experience that people expect from a regulated exchange powered by technology that assures around-the-clock reliability and availability.

Corporate Citizenship

At IVAX, we are actively engaged on behalf of our Participants and their customers to promote fairness, innovation, trust, and confidence in our offerings. We are committed to creating a new marketplace that serves investors around the globe. Our overall strategy, processes, and offerings evolve to promote the interests of our investors, employees, Exchange Participants and their customers, and other stakeholders.

We continuously improve our corporate responsibility efforts and commitments, particularly in the following areas:

Industry leadership. We evolve within the financial industry as innovative leaders in thought and practice, and deliver sustained business outcomes to our stakeholders.

Diversity and employee engagement. We hire, train, and inspire our teams to succeed and grow along with our company.

Corporate governance. We operate responsibly, ethically, and transparently, and engage in a continuous cycle of evaluation and reflection to align with our core values, best practices, and regulatory oversight.

Transparent and efficient capital markets. Transparency is critical to efficient markets, including attracting investment capital. We thoroughly showcase all relevant information about the fundamental value of the assets we offer for trade.

Environmental performance. We review all our enterprise actions with potential harm to the environment in mind, and make efforts to reduce that impact as much as is possible and practical. All trading, clearance, and settlement within the IVAX environment use traditional non-mining technology.