Why trade on our Exchange?

IVAX has combined the best practices of digital asset trading available in other marketplaces with those from successful, regulated equities, options, and futures markets worldwide. 

While most exchanges offer trading in a number of digital assets based on one currency (like U.S. dollars or stablecoins), IVAX will offer trading in multiple digital assets (like bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, ether) based on U.S. dollars, euro, British pounds, Canadian dollars, and Japanese yen, and will eventually expand to about 20 different fiat currencies, and 50 or more digital assets. If U.S. dollars aren’t your home currency, this means you’ll likely be able to trade digital assets without the cost and complexity of converting to U.S. dollars before trading, or converting back from U.S. dollars to withdraw funds.  

At IVAX, you’re in charge of order execution. This means when you submit an order to exchange bitcoin for euro, you’ll be able to decide whether the order is completed when your specified quantity of bitcoin or euro has been traded.

Other exchanges may give you this choice, but they achieve it through an economically inefficient process: maintaining two different limit order books. We’ve got patent pending technology which combines such orders into a single limit order book which will save you money.

Some exchanges only offer contracts with a large notional value; IVAX will typically accept orders as small as about 10 U.S. dollars. 

There are plenty of other benefits to trading on the regulated IVAX Exchange. Perhaps most importantly, unlike some exchanges, the IVAX Exchange will never touch your assets. Along with ultra-low transaction fees, IVAX makes trading cheap, safe, secure.